The Worlds Best Hydrogen Fuel System!

Reduce Emissions     Gain Power     Increase Mileage

The HydroGen system is the only system that delivers on all 3!

Hydrogen Innovations and Environmental Fuel Solutions (EFS) is the leader in providing you with an affordable alternative fuel delivery system that cleans up the emissions of combustion engines. Our products save our environment while providing you with a cost effective method of introducing the power and efficiency of hydrogen as a fuel source.

Reduce Emissions

The addition of hydrogen and oxygen into the combustion chamber burns 98% of the fuel resulting in:

  1. Lower emissions, exceeding Federal and State requirements.
  2. Up to 98% reduction in particulate emissions.
  3. Up to 85% reduction of gaseous emissions

Gain Power

Adding hydrogen and oxygen to the fuel increases the rate of the burn, so that almost all of the fuel is ignited - producing more power.

Increase Mileage

The EFS system provides a cleaner, leaner burn, which gives you a 15% to 45% increase in fuel efficiency, on light duty vehicles and 4% to 20% on over the road diesels.
Hydrogen Innovations brings you the benefits of a "hydrogen economy" today.

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