Company Overview

We are the leader in providing an affordable alternative fuel delivery mechanism that cleans up the emissions of most combustion engines. Our products save our precious environment while providing a cost effective method of introducing the power and efficiency of hydrogen as a fuel source. We provide the means of achieving the benefits of a "hydrogen economy" today.

Our mission is to clean the air that we breathe while aiding fossil fuel engines in meeting increasingly demanding emissions standards both home and abroad.

At the heart of our company is an on-demand hydrogen fuel generator. Hydrogen is created through electrolysis in a patent pending delivery system. The hydrogen is then introduced into the combustion chamber of internal combustion engines providing a cleaner, leaner burn. The addition of the hydrogen burns 98% of the fuel in the combustion chamber eliminating most of the emissions. This creates a clean exhaust that passes all emissions tests. Great by-products of this cleaner fuel system are improved fuel efficiency, increased horsepower and increased torque. The combination of all of the advantages equates to greater efficiency and cost savings for fossil fuel engine users.

We strive to create a cleaner tomorrow, today.

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